Pass Box

We are a manufacturer who sells pass boxes that are used for means of moving goods between rooms while maintaining cleanliness and air quality in the room. The types of pass boxes that we have made include: Pass box passive & pass box dynamic.

This passive pass box only relies on the cleanliness class of the room without a burst of air to clean adhered particles to avoid germs and bacteria using Germicidal UV lamps. Standard size: (W) 600 X (H) 600 X (D) 500 MM.
A dynamic pass box is a pass box that has the ability to clean particles attached to objects because it is equipped with a blower and hepa filter to spray clean air and a magnehelic gauge is installed to regulate the air pressure in the pass box. Standard size: (W) 715 X (H) 940 X (D) 654 MM.

We also accept pass box orders with custom sizes, the minimum size is (W) 500 X (H) 500 X (D) 400 MM.

Pass box passive has 2 systems, namely:

Automatic: The process of locking the door using a magnetic interlock system
Manual: The process of locking the door using a mechanical interlock system

Both automatic and manual doors cannot be opened at the same time.

Meanwhile, the dynamix pass box uses an automatic system: The process of locking the door uses a magnetic interlock system and the door cannot be opened at the same time.

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