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Air Shower Room 3-4 Orang
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Sell Air Shower Room 3-4 Orang

Specification of Air Shower Room 3-4 Orang

We sell Air Shower Room for 4 person capacity. Air shower is for cleaning the object from the dust and micro particles stick on the object. Air shower is needed in instalation painting room, food and beverages industry room, air-conditioning room.

Call us PT. Multi Indojaya Makmur for ask further details and the price (+621) 8671777 or (+62) 8129107035


The specifiaction:

System eletromagnetic interlock, Hepa filter efficiency 99,99%, 0,3 micron, washable filter ,efficiency 90% based on 10 micron, panel control ( PLC , program able with switching power supply.

Model: MIM - 4 PS - 4 MD   
External Dim.: (L) 1.600 X (P) 4.000 X (T) 2.385 mm 
Internal Dim.: (L)    800 X (P) 4.000 X (T) 2.000 mm 
Suitable Persons: 4 Person - 4 Modul   
Material: All SUS 304 HL   
Jet Air Nozzle: 32 Pcs (One Sides) Ø 38 mm  
Blower: Centrifugal Fan   
Floor: Stainless Steel SUS 304  
Main Filter: HEPA Filters   
   Dimension : 24" X 24" X 3"  
   efficiency > 99,99%   
Swing Door: Stainless Steel / Glass with Door Closer 
   Auto - Wrench (Electro Magnetic Interlock)
Air Shower Time: 0 - 99s Adjustable   
Spurt Wind Speed: 20 - 25 m/s   
Power: 250W/50Hz/3Phase/2800 rpm 
Operational System: Automatic with programable Logic Control (PLC)
Weight (Kg): + 1.600 Kg   

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