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Scrub Sink 3 Keran Automatic
Scrub Sink 3 Keran Automatic
Scrub Sink 3 Keran Automatic
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Specification of Scrub Sink 3 Keran Automatic

Scrub Sink is a sanitary device for hospital operating room that serves as a hand-wash basin for doctors and medical personnel who are directly involved in surgery or surgery. Scrub sinks are designed so as to ensure the absence of contamination during hand washing, and the hands of doctors and medical personnel remain hygienic. Usually scrub up sinks are on the side or in front of the operating room for easier access by doctors and medical personnel involved.

Scrub sinks are generally made of stainless steel grade SUS 304 with high-grade finishing. One of the main criteria of this product is always in a state of hygienic and easy maintenance. This product is equipped with:

1. UV sterilizer and water filter.

2. Automatic soap dispenser with stainless steel cover.

3. Manually operated sterile gum using foot pedals or automatic using hand sensors.

The following Specific Scrub Sink 3 Automatic;

Scrub Sink (Polos ,Non Brand )- Otomatis Dimensi            : 1.600 X 650 X 2400 mm  Equipment      : Automatic Sensor  Material           : - Stainless Steel Plat 1,2 mm                                - Pipa 1,2 mm                                  - Finishing Polish  Elektrik            : - Power Supply 250 W / 220 VAC / 50 HZ                                                         - UV Lamp 2 Pcs , 30 W  Filter                : - Filter & UV , Sterilizer System                               - Filter 1 Pcs , Main Filter 0,2 Micron Accessories   : - Aluminium Water Tab                               - Kran 3 Person                                - Automatic Soap Dispenser                               - Automatic Soap Hand Driyer                               - kran Injek Untuk Manual  

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